Lonny Mag December Issue - Hot off the Press! Well, Sort Of.

Remember a few months ago I came upon Lonny Magazine? It was love at first sight. Don't ask me why I'm loving it so much. I mean it's a real pain in the ass to read. It's only available online. Fine, I get that. But the navigation is tough and kind of annoying. Good thing they make up for it with beautiful photos and great articles about home design and fashion. The second issue is now available at www.lonnymag.com and it's full of some great gift ideas for the holidays... enjoy!


Save 20% at Marimekko this Friday

This year, I swear I'm going to cash in on some Black Friday online deals. I'm housebound with a newborn so brick and mortar shopping is not happening. The husband has already been informed that I need a few hours on Friday to do some shopping from the comfort of my own home. With a nice cup of coffee. In my pj's. It's the little things in life that excite me these days!

One of the first places I'm heading is the Marimekko site. I am like a psycho Marimekko fan and their stuff rarely goes on sale. So how psyched was I to receive this 20% online coupon? Hope you can take advantage of it too. Check out www.marimekkouppereastside.com for gorgeous bedding, kitchen stuff, bags, art and clothes for kids and adults. If you're looking for a special gift for someone who appreciates bold color and graphics, this is your store.



Connecticut Modern - Learn More Tonight on CPTV

Those of you in Connecticut with an appreciation for modern architecture, tune into CPTV tonight at 9pm for Living Modern in Connecticut, a documentary about modern buildings in New Haven, Hartford and New Canaan with a focus on Philip Johnson's Glass House (above).

As the mom of a breastfeeding 2-week-old, 9pm is way past my bedtime these days, but I'll try to catch it when it airs again. Click here for a summary and show times. You can also buy the DVD here.

Even though we live in a 1930's Colonial, the hubs and I dream of someday living in a modern home with lots of glass, and open space (and a lot less clutter!). For now, I'm collecting as much information as I can about Modernist architecture and design. Here are some more helpful sites:


Stock Up on Gifts at OrangeandPear.com

Now's the time to pop on over to my other blog to learn how you can save 15% at OrangeandPear.com. There you'll find the loveliest gifts from Jonathan Adler, John Derian, Skinny laMinx and MZ Wallace, to name a few. 

Here are a few of my fave items ...

To score 15% off your purchase between now and November 8, just click here for the code to enter at checkout. 


Daily Drop Cap

Visit www.dailydropcap.com and find your initials. The site features a new letter every day by typographer and illustrator Jessica Hische and the images are yours for the taking to post on your blog or print out an use as you like. I'm loving how my first and last initals (above) look so pretty together...


Bye Bye Cookie. Hello Lonny!

Remember Blueprint Magazine? It was a Martha Stewart venture that actually failed and the magazine folded, when was it...last year? I was so disappointed because I found it to be a really accessible resource for design ideas. Now Cookie Magazine is folding. While Cookie and Blueprint were very different, I found great inspiration from both. 

Thank god for Lonny Magazine, a new online magazine that might just fill the hole in my heart left by Cookie and Blueprint. Sure it's only available online and that's sort of a bummer. To me there's nothing like actually flipping through a magazine, especially one  with such lovely photos, but hey I'll take what I can get. 

My favorite feature in the premier issue is the profile of Grace Bonney, founder of Design Sponge - one of my favorite blogs of all time. I'll be honest though ... I haven't make it through the whole mag yet because navigating it online is bit of a nuisance. I did manage to scroll through most of the beautiful home decor and fashion images. To die for. Let me know what you think!


Ok, so I'm a Lilly Lover Now

I'm a total sucker for Lilly Pulitzer's rebranded image. I never thought twice about LP. Ok well that's not totally true - I always thought of LP as pretty stuffy and certainly not my thing. Now it appears that Lilly has removed the pole from her butt and I'm sort of digging these recent ads in my inbox.

Are you a devoted Lilly fan? Or a recent convert. What do you think of the new image?  


postpartum pant panic

it was a bittersweet moment. i called lucy today to place an order for more of my favorite yoga pant (the harmony pant) and learned that (gasp!) they're no longer making them. uh oh. not good... i was counting on a heavy rotation of harmony pants in the days post delivery. the waist on these babies is perfect for that period -- soft, adjustable (roll up or roll down) and cozy. and the pant comes in different lengths. at 5'7" i'm just tall enough that many yoga pants leave me looking like i'm awaiting a flood. 

now the good news - lucy does have a limited number of harmony pants left for a short period of time. i was forced to order them in orchid, a color i wouldn't normally choose, but i'll just have to deal right? at $19.99 i can't complain (my original pairs went for $78). so i got a good deal, but this will be my last pair of harmonies. ever. 

what was/is your postpartum pant of choice? i'd love to hear, especially if you're on the taller side. 

ps. lucy claims their new asana pant is a new, improved version of the harmony pant with more stretch and a less-bulky waistband, but i'm sticking with the harmony until asana goes on sale. 


fabric choice for valances - too much going on?

i'm lucky because my mom is one really talented seamstress. the woman made her own wedding dress, my first communion dress + countless other lovely things over the years. now she operates her own business selling handmade heirloom gifts (Mary Grace Designs).

i should also mention she's been living with me the past 3 weeks to care for me and my growing family while i'm on bedrest. thanks mom!

in her spare time (haha), she's promised to make valances for m's room (sorry, every blogger seems to come up with clever names for their kids, but this is the best i can do. m is my 2-year-old). i already got my hands on this cool marimekko bedding for her new *big girl bed*.

but because i'm housebound, it's been a bit of a challenge to find coordinating fabric for the window treatments. shopping online is my only option, so my mom and i settled on the fabric above from fabric.com. i love it, but do you think there's too much going on with these prints? i want the room to be bright and fun without being too girly. the walls are the palest of pinks, all the furniture is white and the floors are hardwood.

uggs...don't let me do it

i've mocked uggs since they came on the scene a few years ago. over the years i may have called them

filthy looking
and the list goes on....

but with cooler temps approaching, i'm concerned i may be forced to jump on the ugg bandwagon. tell me where i can find a water resistant, super cozy boot without laces. as a busy mom with poor circulation in my fingers, laces are not my friend in the winter.

suggestions, anyone? what are we thinking of this merrell boot instead?