postpartum pant panic

it was a bittersweet moment. i called lucy today to place an order for more of my favorite yoga pant (the harmony pant) and learned that (gasp!) they're no longer making them. uh oh. not good... i was counting on a heavy rotation of harmony pants in the days post delivery. the waist on these babies is perfect for that period -- soft, adjustable (roll up or roll down) and cozy. and the pant comes in different lengths. at 5'7" i'm just tall enough that many yoga pants leave me looking like i'm awaiting a flood. 

now the good news - lucy does have a limited number of harmony pants left for a short period of time. i was forced to order them in orchid, a color i wouldn't normally choose, but i'll just have to deal right? at $19.99 i can't complain (my original pairs went for $78). so i got a good deal, but this will be my last pair of harmonies. ever. 

what was/is your postpartum pant of choice? i'd love to hear, especially if you're on the taller side. 

ps. lucy claims their new asana pant is a new, improved version of the harmony pant with more stretch and a less-bulky waistband, but i'm sticking with the harmony until asana goes on sale. 

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