my camera is in the shop being repaired for the second time in less than a year. note to self... never let two-year-old play photographer ever again. i'm really desperate for it to be fixed so i can post some photos of our new house for you to have as reference. i guess considering i started this blog today and that i have zero readers so far, pictures can wait.

more importantly, i really want the camera back because baby #2 should be here in a matter of weeks and i think it would be really unfortunate to have no slimy newborn pictures of her. as a second child myself, i already empathize with her and all her hand-me-downs to come. anyway, i digress. her room is painted a lovely shade of lilac/lavendar (BM dreamy cloud shown here) and she's in need of some crib bedding. while i love serena & lily, it's pricey and i'm not finding the right colors there. i'm loving the idea of something with shades of grey, purple and white. i found some possibilities on etsy with customhousebaby.

i'm feeling the palate above and i'm working with the customhouse baby designer to create our very own custom bedding that will resemble this in terms of style (not color).  you like?

how about that, baby # 2? mommy's not sticking you with your older sister's bedding. i'm picking something brand new just for you. just don't get used to it.


Michelle (Three Men and a Lady) said...

Absolutely gorgeous! Love that print on the bumpber. What a lucky gal to have such designer bedding!

Anonymous said...

love the bedding. agreed - very lucky girl. My first just got PB kids... :)